You are invited by the European Economic Association's (EEA) Committee on Minorities in Economics and the German Economic Association's (VfS) Working Group "Code of Ethics" to participate in the European Professional Climate Survey in Economics.

This survey will be used to gather critical information about the professional climate in economics in Europe, with particular focus on aspects that limit inclusiveness, demean and/or harass individuals, or otherwise engender incivility in work environments. The survey will serve as a basis for research in the context of a Professional Climate Report.

Participation is voluntary. However, your answers will be invaluable for the EEA and VfS as we proceed on diversity initiatives including, but not limited to, i) Extra networking/mentoring opportunities for disadvantaged groups, ii) Association-level channels for reporting incidents of harassment or discrimination, iii) Codification of professional conduct.

Your responses are confidential. Any information published will be aggregated and will exclude any information that could be linked to individuals. The data will be analyzed and hosted by an external survey institute - Dynata data repository.

The survey is funded by the European Economic Association.

If you have any questions about this survey, please contact

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